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  • Discern - Introduction

  • Sept 21, 2021 - Welcome to Discern

    Join Dr. Jim Denison and Jessica Steed as they introduce and explore Discern. This is the first of nine introductory episodes that establish the framework of the show and prepare audiences for the October 4th launch of the daily, news-focused Discern format. Discover the vision of Discern and how...

  • Sept 22, 2021 - Culture & Worldview

    What is culture? What is a worldview? Dr. Jim Denison and Jessica Steed discuss these questions in reference to the Bible. Jim introduces the three components of worldview and describes what he believes is a Biblical Worldview. The four principles this Biblical Worldview are: the Bible is truth, ...

  • Sept 23, 2021 - Biblical View of Culture

    Dr. Jim Denison and Jessica Steed discuss the importance of a daily biblical look into culture. Everyday, Christians need encouragement and the opportunity to know how to respond to culture will in turn support the spread of the Gospel. Jim also introduces Richard Niebuhr’s five options or “ The ...