Eye Witness Bible: Three Gospels

Eye Witness Bible: Three Gospels

Eye Witness Bible: Three Gospels
  • Eyewitness Bible Series

    2 seasons

    The Eyewitness Bible is a series of 150 short videos (less than 20 minutes each) broken into 10 series that are designed to help you relate to and understand the Bible and Biblical characters better. The simple staging, strong story telling, and professional acting allow you to focus on the chara...

  • Backdrop of the Gospels

    Luke explains the New Testament writers did not include much context in their writings because their audiences already knew those things. He explains that modern readers can be more informed if they understand things such as trade routes, exported products, and transportation.

  • Gospel of Mark

    Mark talks about how he came to write his Gospel. He quotes the first sermon of Jesus, and discusses the early ministry of Jesus. He explains how Jesus came into conflict with the Pharisees and Herod Antipas. He tells of the Greek woman and other events.

  • Gospel of Matthew

    Paul explains how Matthew wrote his Gospel to a Jewish audience who would be familiar with Old Testament Scriptures and prophecies. He discusses several important passages in Matthew.

  • Sermon on the Mount - Part 1

    Paul and Matthew talk of the Sermon on the Mount and quote its first half.

  • Sermon on the Mount - Part 2

    Paul and Matthew quote the second half of the Sermon on the Mount

  • Gospel of John

    Peter tells of his long relationship with John, and compares John's Gospel to the other Gospel accounts. Peter talks of the incredible writing of John in the first three chapters of his Gospel.

  • "I AM" Statements

    John explains his aims in the writing of his Gospel, and explains the background of Jesus' "I Am" statements. He briefly discusses each of those seven statements.

  • Seven Miraculous Signs

    Lazarus tells of seven miraculous signs of Jesus. Lazarus became the last of those signs when Jesus raised him from the dead.

  • Vine, Branches, Fruit and Leaves

    Philip tells of the Last Supper, and gives his take on the famous parable of the Vine and Branches.

  • The Last Day

    Joseph of Arimathea tells his view of the last day of the life of Jesus, and how he obtained the body and buried it.

  • Resurrection

    Mary Magdalene tells of her experiences at the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. She explains why she was at the tomb after Jesus had risen.

  • The Last Forty Days

    Thomas explains how he came by the nickname, Doubting Thomas. He tells of the last forty days of Jesus' time on earth.

  • The Most Thankful Angel

    There are several times when an angel is involved with Jesus while he is on earth. This episode is a description of those times and acts as a brief summary of the life of Jesus.