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    It's with great sadness we announce that as of May 28th, we will be shutting down the Igniter TV platform. To read more, click below:
    In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite content on the platform.

  • The Chosen

    1 season

    A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A young tax collector ostracized by society. A religious leader questioning his faith tradition.

  • Dot Conner: Webtective

    1 season

    Dot Conner is by all accounts a normal middle school-age girl with loving parents, loyal friends, and a budding faith in Jesus Christ. As she learns what it means to live as a Christian in a broken world, Dot discovers questions and concerns about her faith that at first seem troubling. But the i...

  • Worship Playlist

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  • Now That's a Good Question

    1 season

    An apologetics series, Now That's A Good Question seeks to explore and answer the toughest questions in Christianity. Using engaging animation, these videos will capture your attention and hold it to the end, all while teaching you something that will strengthen your faith.

  • The Bible Recap

    2 seasons

    Have you ever struggled with understanding the Bible because it felt intimidating and confusing? The Bible Recap is here to help! It’s a short daily video that recaps each day’s Bible reading, as it corresponds to the chronological reading plan.

    D-GROUP: The Bible Recap is brought to you by D-Gr...

  • Person of Interest

    1 season

    Can the truth about Jesus be uncovered? Even without a body or a crime scene? Join detective and bestselling author J. Warner Wallace as he investigates Jesus using the same innovative approach he employs to solve real missing person murder cases. Wallace carefully sifts through the evidence from...

  • Discern
    125 items


    125 items

    Discern is a daily news show that aims to discern news differently! Each weekday morning, Dr. Jim Denison and Jessica Steed look at the news unfolding in the world and engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective. Exploring the headlines, Jim and Jess tackle a new topic every day, ran...

  • The Riot and the Dance: Water

    Join in the glorious uproar of creation with THE RIOT AND THE DANCE: WATER, a boisterous nature documentary featuring a biologist who was once told he would never succeed if he kept blabbing about all that silly Creator-creature nonsense. Now, follow along with the intrepid Dr. Gordon Wilson as h...

  • EPIC: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History

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    Each generation suffers from self-obsession, and we do well to keep one eye on the past, to consider not only where we wish to go, but where we have been. Christianity has a long and storied past that testifies to God's enduring grace, and even though so much of Christian history has passed away ...

  • Fotolanthropy

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    Fotolanthropy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that celebrates stories of hope and those who have defied great odds. Find out more at https://fotolanthropy.com

  • The BEAT with Allen Parr

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    Biblical Encouragement And Truth (The B.E.A.T) is an online video ministry dedicated to communicating God's word in a creative, practical and easy-to-watch format. These short videos seek to address questions most Christians have. In addition, we hope these videos encourage people by challenging ...