Krispie King

Krispie King

8 Episodes

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Krispie King
  • Aaron Makes a Squirrel

    Episode 1

    Today our show Cakes & Conversations is MUST WATCH TV! Aaron tells us the right and wrong way to talk about disabilities, gives sound marriage advice, shares his best dad jokes, and explains life with a HYDROCEPHALUS diagnosis while making a squirrel cake. Aaron makes us aware he is NOT his disab...

  • Helena Says I Love You

    Episode 2

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations we learn the key to doing GREAT! Helena's mild to moderate intellectual disability diagnosis doesn't keep her from learning SIGN LANGUAGE and creating an ASL Cake. We dance, laugh, and I even find out her boyfriend is my son Asher. The best part is she begi...

  • Jack Makes a Wookie

    Episode 3

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations, Jack arrived from a GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY, called Mississippi, to use the FORCE, and a good bit of BUTTER, to create this epic CHEWBACCA CAKE. This JEDI of PRADER-WILLI SYNDROME faces the DARK SIDE of the challenges this genetic disorder brings with courage...

  • Kate Shares About ABLE

    Episode 4

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations, Kate honestly shares about her disability and thoughts on her undiagnosed autism. She is clear that her disability does not define her. She celebrates others easily and exudes the confidence we wish we all had. We talk dating, roommates, bullying, the R-wo...

  • Anie and Alabama Football

    Episode 5

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations you will learn what is XTRA SPECIAL about Anie
    and FRAGILE X SYNDROME. Rare diseases get little attention but play a big role in our society. We played our role with an ALABAMA football helmet cake, filling the kitchen with laughter, and by answering the qu...

  • Amy Makes a Tinkerbell

    Episode 6

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations Tinkerball (our guest Amy) leads the way to the Neverland Kitchen where we create the perfect TINKERBELL Rice Krispies creation. We adventure through BUTTER FOREST, walk carefully under the cascading RICE KRISPIES FALLS, and courageously dip our hands in to...

  • Riley Sculpts a Lightsaber

    Episode 7

    A long time ago, in a kitchen not-so-far away, arrived a PADAWAN in search of YODA and the perfect Rice Krispies creation. His VISUAL IMPAIRMENT didn't stop him from using THE FORCE as he maneuvered and sculpted a LIGHTSABER cake to save the Galaxy from the DARK SIDE...or because he was hungry. J...

  • Sarah and the Doctor's Kit

    Episode 8

    Today on our show Cakes & Conversations, Dr. Sarah shares about her diagnosis of CEREBRAL PALSY, but it is clear she is not defined by it. She lights up the kitchen showcasing her abilities while singing DOCTOR, DOCTOR GIVE ME THE NEWS and showing off her best dance moves. She speaks about being ...