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Worship Together

Worship Together

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Worship Together
  • The Cross Has The Final Word

    The Cross Has the Final Word, written and recorded by Cody Carnes, points out the foundational truth that all sin and death was conquered once and for all by the cross of Jesus Christ. Because of His sacrifice, Jesus offers salvation to all who believe and deserves our honor and praise.


  • Fall Afresh

    Fall Afresh, written by Kari Jobe Carnes, Sarah Reeves, and Henry Seeley, invites the Spirit of God to do what only He can do—undo and change the people of God through the power of His presence. In Him, every heart can be filled with joy and made whole.

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  • Forgiven

    Forgiven, written by David Crowder and Ed Cash, gives thanks to God for the forgiveness offered through the blood of Jesus, and reminds us that no one can find the forgiveness the soul longs for without accepting the sacrifice of Jesus in their heart.

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  • Glory Hallelujah

    Glory Hallelujah, written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman, retells the Christmas story of the heavenly host of angels appearing to shepherds. The glory of God is magnified through the presence and gift of Jesus.

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  • God of Calvary

    God of Calvary, written by Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Matt Maher, and Chris Tomlin, reminds us that there is only one road that leads to salvation—through the redemptive blood of Jesus. In Him, we experience freedom through the sacrifice on Calvary.

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  • Good Good Father

    Good, Good Father speaks of the perfect nature of God and proclaims God’s fatherly love to His people. This top worship song is written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown of Housefires.

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  • Gracefully Broken

    Gracefully Broken, written by Matt Redman, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Jonas Myrin, and Tasha Cobbs, offers a petition of praise at the feet of Jesus. A life broken can only be made whole by the healing love and forgiveness found in Jesus.

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  • Heal Our Land

    Heal Our Land, written by Scott Ligetwood, kari Jobe, Brooke Ligertwood, and Cody Carnes, is a cry out to God to make His name great in every corner of the world. Through humble hearts, this song offers a prayer that the gospel would spread and that God would be glorified.

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  • Hearts Waiting (Joy to the World)

    Hearts Waiting (Joy to the World), written by Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Beth Redman, recalls the popular carol, Joy to the World, and reveals the glorious promise that Jesus both came to save the lost and is coming back to reign forever and ever.

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  • His Name Shall Be

    His Name Shall Be, written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman, takes the prophetic message from Isaiah 9:6 outlining the coming Messiah and beautifully rewrites it to focus on the glory and beauty of the God, who loved us enough to send His only Son as a gift to the world.

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  • Impossible Things

    Impossible Things, written by Brenton Brown, Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Chris McClarney, outlines the amazing power of God as Healer and King. In Jesus, all fear and darkness is overcome and the impossible becomes possible.

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  • Jesus Loves Me

    Jesus Loves Me , written by Ben Glover, Chris Tomlin, and Reuben Morgan, reminds us of the greatness of God. The matchless love of Jesus is worthy of praise and can comfort in the uncertainties of life.

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  • O Little Town (The Glory of Christmas)

    O Little Town (The Glory of Christmas), written by Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, and Bernie Helms, reimagines the classic carol O Little Town of Bethlehem, and reminds worshippers that the glory of God is as real and attainable now as it was that lowly night when the Savior was born.


  • Resurrection Power

    Resurrection Power, written by Ryan Ellis, Ed Cash, and Tony Brown, praises God for salvation through the risen Savior. The same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to each believer, and is worthy of the worship of a grateful heart.

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  • These Christmas Lights

    These Christmas Lights, written by Matt Redman, Nick Herbert, and Sam Bailey, awakens the soul to the light and beauty of Christmas. In the wonder and glory of the coming Christ child, all of heaven’s light becomes visible and the darkness of the world suddenly feels strangely dim.

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  • We Believe

    We Believe, made popular by the Newsboys and written by Jason Castro, Danny Davis, Matt Armstrong, declares the timeless beliefs outlined in the creeds of the Christian faith. With faith as the anthem, we can sing together in unity the truths we believe.

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